This research would never have been feasible without Flanders Make

Ghislain Borremans is business manager of Benes International, which specialises in solutions for the printing industry and particularly for large-format printers. “For example, we produce drying systems for large-format printers for companies such as Roland Digital.” Together with Flanders Make, Benes International optimised an infeed system for printers that are used for printing on harder materials.

Ghislain Borremans explains: “There was nothing wrong with the quality of the printer, but its infeed system could do with some improvements. However, developing such a system is hardly an easy task. It requires comprehensive technical expertise to connect a printer with an external device. Besides, even the slightest deviation will result in poor printing results.”

“An employee of Flanders Make told me that they could offer added value for this project. She referred to the technical knowledge and research facilities that are available within Flanders Make. This set the ball rolling. We developed the mechanical aspect of the infeed table internally but optimised the control system and electronics together with Flanders Make.”


“For an SME such as Benes, the partnership offers a huge benefit. It goes without saying that Flanders Make offers very specific knowledge and technical infrastructure. At the same time, the organisation ensures that research remains accessible to smaller companies as well. Such a project would never have been feasible for us without Flanders Make’s support.”

“The project itself lasted about two years. The prototype that we were able to develop through this cooperation has been the basis for new generations of machines.”