Customised research

Contract research defined together with or at the request of customers.


We help companies to develop technological solutions, from the moment that an idea is starting to take form up to its development into a fully functional product or production process.

How can we support product developers in their job in the best way possible? There is an ever increasing number of technologies and options that they can apply. How can they make the right choices? Choices that are extremely important because in this stage they may have a large impact on functionality, efficiency, price, manufacturability... Within Flanders Make, we can suggest supporting tools that will help product and process developers in making these choices.

The Digital Twin principle is becoming increasingly important. It allows to create a virtual representation of a product that has not yet been made so that you can test its feasibility, functionality, manufacturability and, as such, adjust your design in a timely manner. This can be done with the help of supporting industrial simulation tools.

When it comes to validating these designs, Flanders Make has the necessary expertise to analyse and test a concept in both virtual and physical test environments. Our high-tech test infrastructure is available to companies to perform the corresponding tests and conduct analyses, in combination with the necessary support from our experts.

That is why Flanders Make invests heavily in high-quality infrastructure to make this possible.

We help companies to make the right choices in connection with their system architecture so that they can fulfil their ambition to permanently improve their flexibility and efficiency. We can, for instance, help to build more energy-efficient vehicles or machines. Also the rising demand for autonomous vehicles and logistic processes are looked into both at component and system level.

Today, companies mainly apply innovative technologies to improve their production processes and save costs. Digitisation and connectivity also lead to new possibilities for creating a better match between products and production processes. Furthermore, the demand for customised products increases, which in turn has an impact on the production flow.

Flanders Make helps companies in their evolution on the Industry 4.0 path: we answer questions such as:

  • How to organise and equip an assembly hall with the right degree of flexibility in the most economical way?
  • Where and how to capture, analyse and interpret data to arrive at the right conclusions in a swift manner? We offer assistance in the selection and installation of sensors, warrant the robustness of data, examine which algorithms can be applied, etc.
  • How can we optimise the role of operators, whether or not in interaction with a co(ro)bot to support them with increasingly complex tasks? The use of a robot may offer real answers, particularly for repetitive or heavy tasks. But we can also provide operators with tools to interact with the product developer in question so that their feedback can be integrated immediately to optimise the production process.

Based on our many years of experience, we also render innovation services that will validate the technical feasibility or deployability of a new technology in an existing product or production machine and that will help companies to define a new strategy. Flanders Make is the best possible partner for giving a company independent and future-oriented advice.