Preface - Dirk Torfs

Interview Dirk Torfs

Thanks to the renewed agreement with the Flemish government, we will be able to build on the success of the first years of Flanders Make. In future, we will – on the one hand – focus even more on product-oriented research supporting companies in their digital transformation, targeting at the optimisation of products by developing new features and improved functionalities.

But, on the other hand, we will also strengthen our substantial efforts to address production-related issues. When our Flemish companies are able to produce small product series at the cost of large series, this will strongly improve their competitiveness. This is absolutely crucial to keep production activities in Flanders and create new perspectives. It is in this context that we focus strongly on sensors as these enable to adjust processes based on data analyses. In turn, virtualisation and models also contribute to product and production development. This will help our companies to market their products in a better and faster way and to improve their global competitiveness.