Preface - Urbain Vandeurzen

Interview Urbain Vandeurzen

2017 was for Flanders Make an intense and successful year. We took stock of the first three years of our existence. To do this, we also looked across our borders to make a comparison with similar foreign organisations. I am pleased to say that Flanders Make appeared to be the best performing research centre. A nice encouragement for the future!

Last year, we carried through major strategic adjustments to support our Flemish manufacturing industry even better in a faster transition to Industry 4.0. This strategic exercise reduced our eight original research programmes to four competency domains that will be central in the projects that we will work on within the next five years and in the roadmaps that we will develop. It concerns technological key domains that stimulate product and production innovation. Our organisational structure and the cooperation with other knowledge institutions have also been adjusted to these competency domains.