Who we are and what we do

Flanders Make is the research centre for the manufacturing industry. We work together with companies and knowledge centres and perform pre-competitive, technological research into product and production innovations for the vehicle sector, the mechanical engineering industry and assembly environments, not only from our sites in Lommel, Leuven and, shortly, West-Flanders, but also together with colleagues working at the Flemish universities. Together with all our partners, we close the gap between academic research and industrial application. Our research projects deliberately target the technology pioneers within the Flemish landscape. We support these large and small companies step by step throughout their innovation projects and help them to translate the developed technologies and acquired knowledge into concrete products and services. This enables them to grow and offers them a competitive edge. In this way, we can keep companies and employment in Flanders. But it doesn’t stop there. We also stimulate, both within the scope of our service offer and through partnerships, the continued rollout of these product and production innovations as other companies often face similar technological challenges. In this way, we create added value for the whole manufacturing industry.